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"I am 63 years old and have had psoriasis since I was 14.  It wasn't too bad in the beginning but as I grew older, it seemed it got progressively worse.  About ten years ago after undergoing two liver biopsies due to pharmaceutical drugs I've been taking for years (to keep me clear of my psoriasis), I decided to do away with drugs and go the natural healing way.  I started with Dr. Pagano's program which helped some but it did not get rid of my psoriasis.  However, it encouraged me I was on the right track.  Later, I discovered Chinese herbal pills on the internet and that helped.  I was clear for about 4 years then it wore off.  A naturopath prescribed liquid zinc for me and after 6 months I cleared.  It was good for about 4 months then the lesions came back 'with a vengeance.'  At this point, I saw How to beat psoriasis on You Tube and started your shake program January this year.  You said I should clear in three months.  However, after FIVE months I was getting even worse.  By May 1st,  my entire body was practically covered wall-to-wall with lesions; I was ready to give up!  I was drinking about 12 ounces of the shake four times a day and you advised I reduce my shake intake to half, which I did.  You told me to hang in there and by the 1st of June I was starting to see signs of clearing.  During the entire month of June, my entire body experienced such dramatic clearing and relief from psoriasis that it seemed so miraculous!  Now I can wear short sleeves and shorts which I haven't been able to do in years!  What can I say, this is THE program that has so far worked for me.   Thank you for your program and your coaching... you are truly God-sent! 

Here are photos of my back, May 1 and today, June 29.  As I said, I started the program January 6 and May 1 makes 5 mos.  I was so disheartened because when I was supposed to clear in three months, this was what my back looked like!  Today, my back and arms are spotless and I'm so very happy and grateful."

- Anonymous, Hawaii  6/29/09.

NOTE: Both the before and after photos shows the same side of his back. The image on the right was flipped or reversed for effect.

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